This is our third annual Impact Report

Jan 02, 2020

This is our third annual Impact Report

This is our third annual Impact Report. We are pleased to show improvement from the last two years and will continue to evaluate the impacts of our business on the world around us. We see this report as a holistic resource for ourselves, our shareholders, our partners, legislators, and our customers to measure our success as a sustainable business. We are proud that our business contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This set of 17 goals is designed to eradicate poverty, eliminate inequalities, and spur the creation of a sustainable and resilient global society. Our core values at Sunrun align with this vision for the future.

CM 솔라

CM 태양 광은 2014 년 3 월에 장쑤성에서 설립되었으며, 우리는 태양 장착 시스템의 개발, 설계, 제조, 판매 및 설치를 전문으로합니다. 설립 이래 최고의 전문 태양 장착 구조 공급 업체 중 하나로, 제품은 많은 사람들에게 수출되었습니다 국가 및 지역...

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