market leading choice, value and quality in every aspect of

Jun 20, 2019

market leading choice, value and quality in every aspect of our work

We were established in 2013 to respond to an increasing need for specialised glazing as a result of terrorist bombing. Bringing together the best window film products and highly experienced teams, UK Solar offers a comprehensive and cost effective alternative to re-glazing an entire property.
Today window films and our services have evolved to so much more than bomb blast protection, enhancing security, safety and privacy, whilst preventing solar glare, solar heat and vandalism. Quickly applied with a minimum of disruption the film system is the ideal solution for busy homeowners wanting window films for their conservatory or hectic commercial environments where shutting down isn’t an option.
Graphics and signage have an important role to play in window safety and we’ve developed our business to offer everything from simple vinyl coated directional signs in a sports centre to window manifestations or entire window graphics printed onto the films we install, creating fantastic marketing and branding opportunities.
We’ve always worked hard to provide true quality in our installations, starting with a full survey and consultation on the best window films application for your property, through to following Glass and Glazing Federation guidelines to check every inch of an applied film for bubbles, creases, finger marks or trapped hairs and ensuring a perfect finish.
This focus on quality has seen us gain accredited installer status with many of the market’s leading manufacturers, bringing our customers excellent warranty terms and opening up many prestigious and demanding clients who expect the very best end result. We enjoy meeting those challenges and enjoy a large volume of recommendations and repeat business as a result.
The manufacture and use of plastics can have negative environmental results and we have also begun working towards carbon neutrality and an environmentally friendly attitude, investing in low emission company vehicles and always disposing of waste responsibly, and through recycling whenever possible.
At CM Solar we work hard to bring real expertise and market leading choice, value and quality in every aspect of our work, so whether you need to window film an entire skyscraper or just your home conservatory, contact us at any time to see just how amazing these films are.

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